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11:15 AM, Sunday, March 24th, 2013

The RV rocked rhythmically as it rolled along endless ribbons of highway, and Josephine yawned as the warm sun drenched her. She’d been sleeping on the fold-out bed fitfully, tossing and turning between a hard lumpy surface and blanket of disturbing implications; Diane’s bed was amazingly soft and wonderfully comfortable, and as she lay on it the temptation of a comfortable nap danced on heavy eyelids. She couldn’t though; Diane had asked her to watch over Gabriella, and watch over Gabriella she would. Even if I’d rather be catching up on my sleep. Josephine sighed, and tried to focus her attention back on reading the rest of the journal she’d liberated from the cabin. From Josephine’s bed, soft snores bubbled out of a muddled pile of blankets. Gabriella had been there since they’d fled Onsted, healing and recovering from the terrible wounds that had been inflicted upon her body, mind, and soul.

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