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11:00 PM, Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Why are we doing this again? Josephine asked over the mental link she’d constructed before they’d left the hotel. By Gabriella’s count, this was at least the fifth time she’d asked the exact same question.

Gabriella sighed quietly in frustration, and her breath formed a little white expanding cloud in front of her face. The two of them were lying half covered with leaves, hidden in the bleak woods between the camp and the highway. Headlights flashed through the forest around them as yet another car drove past, crunching noisily down the gravel path from the parking lot towards the main road. In the distance they could see the bright lights of the lodge’s interior throwing a warm and welcoming glow. People buzzed about like bees, and a steady procession of cars poured slowly out of the overflowing parking lot.

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