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4:00 PM, Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Bruno, Sylvio, and Margaret escorted Gabriella back to the lodge’s front door, and Margaret flashed her a cold smile. Then she returned to her post at the oak desk, and the gunshot of the stapler chased Gabriella out as she followed Sylvio and Bruno around the building. The three of them walked in stiff silence, and Gabriella wondered if Sean had been subject to these ‘Tests of Purity’ as well. For a second she considered asking, but eventually decided not to. If by some amazing stroke of luck it had not been Sean, there was no reason to confuse things; if it had been, as she suspected, then asking would provide them with information on her state of knowledge. No, she decided, in this case it’s be better to allow them whatever assumptions they’ve already made. Somehow she knew that she’d have additional opportunities to gather information about what was going on.

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