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12:31 AM, Thursday, Marth 21st, 2013

The space on the other side of the gate door was not quite what Gabriella had been expecting, once her eyes adjusted to the change in lighting. Instead of the long brightly lit hallway of a passenger boarding bridge, she found the cramped confines of the interior of a barely lit RV. To her immediate right was the cab. Two soft and cushy lounge chairs sat side by side in front of what appeared to be a typical dashboard of a motor vehicle. Beyond the expansive windshield lay a dark vista of woodland placidity so intensely placid and calming that, for just a second, Gabriella thought perhaps that it was fake – some kind of mystically created illusion, or perhaps a frozen scene plucked from a Disney nature film. The Moon’s fattened half-disk painted the evergreen trees in silver and shadow, and the sound of a babbling brook – an honest to goodness brook – provided soft background noise through the open window of the driver-side door.

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